9 days until the next race


With a mere 9 days before my next event, I thought it’d be a good time to give an update. It has been a crazy last month or so.

Training was going very well, feeling strong on the run and the cycling was getting better, maybe not at the rate I would like but these things happen. I was then hit by some nasty shin splints when out on a long run one Saturday in April. It meant no running for two weeks but still managed to keep up in the rest of my training, so my fitness didn’t drop too much.

Then, more obstacles, got hit by an illness that has just left my respiratory system in bits and is only now returning to a normal state.

Mix that in with a long stag do, a wedding and other various social callings and it has not been the most restrained last month or so. I’ve also been offered a job which will mean moving back to Reading from Bristol, which has caused a bit of stress too.

All in all, not the ideal build up to the next event, but I feel now that I am at a level that is beyond where I was on the last Duathlon. Which at this stage is about all I can hope for. I will still go out and try and absolutely hammer it as I’ve a long gap until the next scheduled race.

I have been getting out on my bike more consistently of late, getting in a long ride most weekends, even when being ill. The main picture is froBike picm near Wooten under Edge but reminded me more of Italy. Lovely place to ride, but the hills and headwind took some of the shine from it. Been playing around with the bike set-up recently also. As you can see in the pics, I put on some tri bars but have decided that just being on the drops is more comfortable and quick at the moment, so they’ll be off for Ardingley.

Away from the Duathlon side of things, swimming has been coming along quite nicely. I am still primarily swimming with the buoy, but getting in a few kick sets and some sprints without the buoy. I will be sorting a wetsuit in the coming month or two and the try my first open water swim. Very daunting as you can imagine but think I’ll surprise myself.

Anyway, I’ll keep brief ahead of the report to come next Sunday.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any running clubs in Reading or Chiswick area that do track sessions, please let me know. Want to find a replacement for B&W Athletics that I currently train with. Cheers