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So………..ummmmmm, no. Got nothing witty or philisophical to write here this time round.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and not much has really been going on during that time. Training has been going reasonably well and not been indulging in cake unfortunately either.

We’ll chat about food related gubbins first off. I am now on my 8th day of the GSN 30 day challenge and so far it has been pretty decent. I’ve craved some naughty food a few times, but still very much focussed and getting through it. Being a creature of habit has really helped as I can happily eat similar foods day in, day out and not go crazy. I dropped 1.5kg in the first week and think I can probably get an extra 2kg in week 2 as I will hopefully train a bit better this week.

The food is really good standard, although putting out my portions sometimes saddens me. I’m used to eating 3 main meals a day with a couple of snacks, so eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours means the plate can look empty to my eyes. The positive thing however, is that I do not go hungry at any point. I can’t lie, I am a Hangry chap, so this whole thing would break if I was constantly hearing my stomach groan. I shall be carrying on toward the end of the challenge. The Pots of Gold from GSN are so good though. I will be buying these long after the challenge ends.

Now, to the training side of life.

As I mentioned, it has been going reasonably well but certainly more to do. The calf strain was still a bit of an issue so has stopped me being able to run as much as it needs/needed lots of recovery after a hard session.

I did manage a really fun and sweaty Brick session in the gym last Saturday. I did 10km on the bike, 2.5km run, 5km bike and 1.25km run with the only rest being the 7 foot walk between the machines. It was not the fastest cycling as I was really focussing on keeping my cadence above 100rpm, nor was it the fastest run. For that, I started the initial run at 10km/h and increased by 0.5 each 500m. On the 2nd run, I did the same pattern but the starting speed was the final speed from the first run. I strangely enjoyed it, probably more than anything I’ve done in a non-Crossfit gym. Speaking of Crossfit though, I did feel that, having done WODs for so long, meant my legs did not feel too bad going from bike to run.

This was followed on the Monday of another track sessino with B&W when the winds were up to about 40mph coming onto the home straight. It was awful. My legs were still fatigued from squatting on the Friday and the Brick session above. It was 4 x 1200m with 400m jog between sets. I was averaging around 5:10 for each run but that was a struggle, so wasn’t too happy about the running but glad I did it. I should be going there tonight but with over 60mph winds today in Bristol, think I will wuss out and do the programming on a treadmill instead.

Now, the not so good part of training. Not coming as a shock really. Swimming.

I’ve been in the pool once or twice each week but I really do not feel as though I am making much progress there. I am able to swim a length more consistantly but going beyond that length is just not possible. I tried it once and swam another 10m before I was beaten. I think I am a bit too wild with my kick at the moment as I feel it is the only way I can keep my hips higher. In light of this I have moved my next lesson to the 19th Feb to get a professional opinion and some more tips.

Finally, regarding the picture. Kate bought me this for me and I just finished reading it. It is fascintating to get an insight into the lives and minds of two of British sports’ greats. Their motivation, determination and dedication are incredible. Even if Alistair seems like he is borderline insane and Jonny is a bit OCD (which I completely relate to, people being late drives me potty). Anyway, I advise everyone to read it, whether you are taking part in the sport or not.

Signing off. Cheers for reading