We can be heroes….


A bit of an odd way to start my 2nd posting, but the untimely passing of The Thin White Duke, one of my two lifetime heroes, has made me realise how much of a mental game this is going to be.

Hearing of David Bowies passing first thing this morning and then listening to BBC Radio 6’s coverage afterward, did not put me in a very positive frame of mind to begin my training week. I couldn’t think about going to the gym for lunchtime weights or my first running session with Bristol and West Athletics club in the evening.

But, complete both I did and I feel more positive for doing so. Not only were they both productive sessions, I felt I would not let the mental aspect of things beat me quite as easily as they might have previously.

Bowie is not the sole reason for me giving this post the title. There is one other person that it refers to and it is likely a person none of you have heard of. Nor had I up until yesterday afternoon I’ll readily admit. Her name is Ruth Wilson and she most certainly deserves the mention.

Ruth-Wilson-lead-658x394I read about Ruth in Triathlon Plus magazine and was awestruck. Ruth is a 46 year old who started triathlon only 6 years ago and has already medalled at the European Championships. She is a Paratriathlete and suffers with Parkinson’s, which is steadily getting worse day by day, year by year but her motto of ‘dream, believe, achieve’ just sums up how incredible she is. She is strong enough to admit she has her ‘moments’ when she is alone but to carry on living and training with such focus and dedication, through a disease 99% of people would let themselves be defined by, is inspirational. Hence, Ruth is a hero.

Moving swiftly on from two very different but incredible people, let’s catch up on the last week, especially this evening. I did another run last week of 6km, averaging around 5:10 p/km, which given the hills around Bristol I was quite happy with. Also did an RPM/Spin session, just to get some form of biking whilst the weather has been awful. This was mixed in with various lifting sessions.

This evening saw my first running sessions with Bristol & West Athletics club. I am only there for social training, not to compete, so put myself into the beginners group. After a casual 1.2km warm up jog around the track we did a few stretches before being told the session was a pyramid of 200m, 400m, 600m, 400m, 200m with around 90secs rest in between.

First 200m, went off at around 80% and finished in 30secs. Next the 400m, which I did in 70secs. At this point I was told to join another group as left the others behind.

Moved over to the other group who had just finished warming up to find out they were doing 800m x 5, with 200m jog between each one. I started with a 3:35, followed by 3:29, 3:25 & 3:21. After all of these I was wiped out so decided to use the final 800m as a warm down as I was pretty wiped out. I had run an extra, relatively quick 600m more than anyone else so didn’t feel too guilty.

Overall, I was actually pretty chuffed with my performance for the first go with the group and really enjoyed it. Everyone was really welcoming.

Now, final sign off and I just have to say thanks to everyone who commented on Facebook & Twitter for the support. Very much appreciated.

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